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Posted 07 Mar 2021

Stereotype Buster 2021 Nominees

The aim of this category is to recognise those who have busted the stereotype and proved that the only limitation in what we can achiever is the level of our own aspiration.

Meet our 2021 nominees

  • Aliette Goodman
  • Antoni Bohdanowicz
  • Becca Lory Hector
  • Charlotte Banfield
  • G Sabini-Roberts
  • Helen Jefferies
  • Hunter Hansen
  • Jeanette Washington
  • Joanna Baker-Rogers
  • Karl Holloway
  • Laura Tween
  • Marcia Brissett-Bailey
  • Martin Bloomfield
  • Matteo Esposito
  • Michael Barton
  • Natasha Trotman
  • Paul Stevenson
  • Pete Wharmby
  • Rebecca Burgess
  • Robert Haymes
  • Ron Cole
  • Sab Samuel (aka Aida h Dee)
  • Victoria Whiting (Actually Aspling).

Join our awards event on 18th March to find out who our winners are. Book your tickets here.

Meet our category sponsor

Intent Health is a healthcare public relations agency who, recognising the healthcare is personal, are seeking to truly engage with their audiences on a more personal level. Their founding principle is that diversity, in all its forms, creates a stronger team and campaigns that resonate with a multi-cultural society.

At Intent Health, they do not assume that they understand the intricacies of living with an acute or chronic condition. This is why are are focused on creating a community built on distinct life experiences, amplifying stories that really resonate with people. 

Thank you to Intent Health for their support!

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