My coaching with GW, well it was discovery, or may I say an uncovering of skills, qualities, strategies and strengths that I already had, but hadn’t discovered or was not using them to the full . 

Even though I have made a good few documentaries for TV companies, I have never used Skype or other mediums to talk online so this was my first hurdle; anxiety always gets in the way. This transition was made smoothly by Tamsin whose non-intrusive and friendly approach to online coaching made me relax and settle into the sessions very quickly. Helping me to build strategies to deal with negative hurtful criticism, which in the past I have found crippling . Having discovered understanding of my limitations, which in turn as helped to utilise my time more, becoming more efficient and not burning myself out .

Understanding myself more, having empathy has given me the ability to help others open up and help them deal with their issues.

Turning things around using my disability in a positive manner, not letting it drag me down but using it to build others up .

Who would have known that within this Genius Within coaching journey, I would be delivering face to face Tourette syndrome awareness talk to Genius Within associates in Edinburgh, but also my first webinar conference to Genius Within associates across the UK, with another webinar booked in for next year .

I would like to say thank you to Nancy whom I met while filming the first series of Employable Me, for having the faith in me to bring me on board; thanks to Tamsin and Colin for all their help and assistance, especially Tamsin with the coaching sessions.


(Picture is of Paul Stevenson, who was featured in the first series of the BBC’s “Employable Me”)

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