I am writing this email to express my sincere gratitude to my Dyslexia coach Karen Rooksby; she has been a major source of inspiration for me whilst completing my coaching sessions. I would like to thank Karen for her continued guidance and for her ability to see areas I can improve on when I could not; she has never failed to provide extremely useful suggestions throughout our sessions.

Apart from the basics I have learnt some important life lessons from Karen. She has taught me the importance of discipline, not procrastinating and taking time out to take care of me; I never ever put myself first before I met Karen and through her learning and guidance I have realised the importance of what seems to be such a simple thing.

Karen has played a very important role in making me who I am today; I am more productive at work and at home, I have learned to put myself first when needed and my confidence has improved significantly since I first met Karen and I am extremely grateful for this. I hope that I can continue to incorporate Karen’s teachings into everyday life and ensure that I keep my triune brain healthy.

I would like to say a whole lot more; although I feel there are no other words to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks for Karen’s patience and guidance throughout our time together. Karen is an absolute star and a credit to her profession.   –   Client wishes to remain anonymous

Our wonderful coach Karen Rooksby is pictured here

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