I am truly greatful to both Victoria and Remi for the assessment and coaching. they both walked an extra mile for me, they helped me identify and address my problem with a very effective assessment and friendly coaching, both of which were instrumental in achieving my goal. They guided me exceptionally well in planning for my exam and helped me regain the lost confidence and self believe.

I learnt so much from both of them within such a short “span of time”. They certainly changed my life for good. I honestly used to be frightened when preparing for any exam / difficult tasks however all that has completely changed now, my mindset and the way I plan and approach exams/ tasks is positive, determined, confident and I credit Genius Within for all this.

I will never forget Remi telling me that ” one starts with end in mind ” and I can’t express enough how greatly my mindset has changed by implementing this in my day today life.

Finally I would like to take an opportunity to thank the entire team of Genius Within and a special thank you to Victoria and Remi for changing my life for good.

– GP in the Midlands

(Our wonderful coach Remi is pictured here)

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