I’ve just completed 4 x 2 hour strategy coaching sessions with the wonderfully calming Jacki.  Her thorough, patient approach enabled me to develop strategies I couldn’t come up with on my own, despite thinking I knew it all already. 
The coaching has improved both the quality of my work tangibly and my confidence levels. I no longer feel like an impostor in my senior role. My university grades have gone up too as an unexpected and welcome side effect!
Whilst I initially thought I didn’t have time for sessions, taking time to reflect on what is and isn’t working in my approach to work once a fortnight has meant I am now more productive, more organised and have a system to ensure tasks are completed to high standards, within deadlines every time.
I feel less stressed, less forgetful and ready to tackle even the most challenging of reports and tenders now I can proof read my own work.   Thank you very much for helping me to overcome my dyslexic / ADHD “glass ceiling”.
– Business Development Executive
(Our wonderful coach Jacki is pictured here)

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