Life changing – two words that sum up the impact of coaching sessions with Jason Colyer. I admit I had reservations beforehand, and preconceived ideas that work-place coaching was not for me, not necessary and not something I’d find useful. I thought I was adjusting well to challenges arising from unexpected and serious health changes – and that I’d been in my profession long enough to know how to cope with and absorb change. What I didn’t expect was to embark on a journey of self-discovery that was both enlightening and positively challenging. Jason’s ability to encourage guided reflection on my work behaviours and coping mechanisms refocused my understanding of stress triggers and my learned responses, and this awareness – combined with practical techniques for time and self-management – has been transformative. Despite ongoing health challenges, I am able to work effectively, productively and creatively, and I now feel that I have the personal and practical resources to sustain my working life. On a daily basis I apply techniques learned in the coaching sessions that help me to respond positively to the unexpected, the stressful, the demanding. I am able to recognise when I need to engage with a little self-preservation, and to maintain a balanced approach to work and home life. It’s no exaggeration to say that the effect on my overall well-being has been profoundly positive, and I would encourage anyone considering Genius Within coaching to dive straight in.

-S.P. works in education

Our wonderful coach Jason is shown here

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