Jason really helped me with various different strategies to work better with my dyslexia and mental health. In particular with stress levels and productivity. He made me realise that I had a lot to offer my employer, and also that we all have some difficulties and should not feel ashamed to ask for help. Jason helped me to understand that some of my concerns were due to me being tired or stressed, so he showed me ways to alleviate this.

The work he has done with me has been invaluable, even life changing! The tools he has taught me will be used throughout my working career and within my home life to ensure a healthier me and improve my well being and work life balance.

Jason is a fantastic person who was patient, with an excellent approach which gave me time to process, and let me lead the sessions as to what I felt needed working on.

Overall I would say Jason has given me a new insight into how I see and do things as well as processing the world around me.

Employee of Canterbury University, November 2019



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