Through engaging with Genius Within Mr. C has learned about how to work at his best, focusing on organisation, managing anxiety and stress by looking at what is within his control, positive state setting, mindfulness, planning and communication skills. One major change is that he is now able to talk on the telephone, which anxiety prevented him from doing in the past. Our plan for managing this and practice means that he can verbally talk with his daughters, professionals and organisations such as his energy providers.
Mr. C was prepared for living on his own in rented accommodation through a collaborative approach between staff at Weston AP and the CFO3 Case Manager. He effectively manages his tenancy, has re-established relationships with his daughter, understands his neurodiversity, is working and is positive about his future. He reports not having ‘meltdowns’ and that he is in control of his anxiety disorder so that he can make trips to the shop for food or to go for a walk when others are outside.

Case Manager

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