Mr. H served a long IPP sentence (10+ years) in custody and reported that he had not experienced any form of preparation for community living whilst he was in custody.  He arrived at Weston AP and was already enrolled on the CFO3 project from when I had met him in custody 2 years prior.  It quickly became evident that his dream job was to become a tattoo artist.  Following research I was able to inform him that this dream job could be a reality and that Probation and Weston AP staff were in favour of him pursuing this career choice.  As well as assisting in overcoming other barriers to his resettlement in the community, we were able to make his dream job possible.  Multiple meetings were accommodated by Weston AP staff, with and without Mr. B present, to help make this possible.  The staff remained supportive of his goal and together we made it possible.  Within 10 weeks Mr. B was renting a chair in a tattoo parlour in Bournemouth, paying a percentage of his income to the owner and doing something he enjoyed. Whilst this was happening, Weston AP staff were assisting him in considering his housing and moving on plans.  This meant that all the barriers to his successful resettlement in the community and the reduction in his risk of reoffending was successfully achieved.

Case Manager

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