Dear Brendan,

I would like to personally thank you for the coaching sessions that I have received over the last few weeks, being honest at the beginning I was in two minds whether the coaching sessions would help me as over the last year I felt I was in control of my dyslexia and ways in which I cope with everyday life and work related tasks that I faced and that these were working the best they could have been and achieving the results the best I could have.

From the moment of meeting you I felt at complete ease and the knowledge you have around learning disabilities/learning ability is amazing. It was so nice to sit down with someone who understood my dyslexia and the way we think and do things and to receive confirmation that this is perfectly normal if not more highly intelligent then the average persons way of thinking.

Throughout life as a dyslexic child and adult doing things in different way than everyone else even though we achieved the same result sometimes even quicker and better, people would judge and think I was odd for doing things in a way that worked best for us. (as let’s face it they know best) 

From receiving the sessions from yourself I have discovered a number of things, one of these things is that I learn best visually and have a photographic memory.

I’ve looked at the areas where I struggle with and I’m now trying to retrain my brain in a way that I learn, using more of a visual approach this seems to be working and I have taken it up on myself to improve my skills to become even more better.

I have found the ability to improve my maths by having private lesson from a lady who teaches people with learning difficulties in a visual way and wow by doing it in a visual way and I am now able to surprise my self by working out sums like, 42321 x 45313 using only paper and pen. 
I am also improving my English skills to be able to memorize worlds I once used to struggle with I have also downloaded a number of apps on my phone that I can see/hear words as sometimes I don’t hear the word correctly to learn the words so I spell the world incorrect. So now i learn by writing words down and using visual memory to retrain my brain.
I know find myself looking at worlds that other people have written and correcting them in a polite way and showing then a visual way to remember the world they struggle with this seems to be helping other. My husband would once correct me on the way I would say or spell words however I now find myself correcting him, and this has completely surprised him. 
I have researched dyslexia and learning conditions that affect children and adults and have tried to educate people in Society about the abilities that are attached to these learning conditions as I feel there is a lack of education for those in society who do not understand and that people concentrate on what we can’t do other than what we can do and pass judgement due to a lack of understanding. I post positive posts and pictures to facebook so people have a better understanding of what is classified as a learning disability/learning ability and what aspects we may or may bet struggle with and areas that we are amazing at
I actually feel that I am learning more and that this is helping other people as I pass on information that might help them also. In my own personal time I strive to increase my learning ability and apply this to my working role for two local authorities.
I pass on what we have talked about and things that you have shown me I couldn’t have done it without you. 

I always thought my confidence was good and improving all the time but from the support from yourself it has improved even more, I think it’s better because I have a better understanding on what works best for me and more confidence that when I spell a word it is correct using the techniques in which you have shown me that work best for myself. 

You are absolutely fantastic at your job within Genius, and you should be very proud of yourself for encouraging, supporting, educating, and helping people like myself to take ownership of their dyslexia.

Ownership that therefore will push me to continue to learn, achieve and strive towards my goals I have in life and my career.

Thank you once again
Yours faithfully

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