My Gift
I often used to wish that I, could have a broken leg
Or something that was visible, instead of something in my head.

A ‘hidden disability’ is as the name implies,
Something no-one else can see; this mysterious disguise.

It hid my true intelligence, sapped my confidence from within,
I was stupid, lazy, useless, a champion of chagrin!

I was too embarrassed to tell my boss, too ashamed of failing her,
Like everyone I’d failed before, inaction seemed easier.

And so like this continued did I, and played the game of hide,
Until one day, I met someone who re-prioritised my life.

She told me I was lucky, said dyslexia’s a gift
And so the weight from off my shoulders lifted a little bit.

She made my negative a positive, made me recognise my strengths
Explore my own potential and uncover hidden depths.

And so I still send a random email, the words just don’t make sense
But if they laugh, I can shrug it off as it’s not me being dense.

Now I have the strength to smile and turn the other cheek,
As now I’ve got the confidence to know that I’m special and unique.

So if you can see similarities or if you just are concerned,
Find time to talk to someone, don’t put if off or think your worries are absurd.

It’s not you being stupid or simply lacking discipline,
You are stronger than you know, release your Genius Within.


Written by client Pippa in Hampshire

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