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We offer training to schools, foster agencies and social workers.

For any professionals working with young people – our two day course (Inside Out. The Empowerment Approach TM: Managing Children’s Behaviour Successfully)  has available spaces  on 18th January and 25th January 2018.

The purpose of the positive assessment  is to reassure and provide direction.

The Blooming Genius Empowerment Approach TM  is a way of working with young people that utilises a range of coaching techniques and models to remove barriers to learning, leading to student empowerment, academic success and lasting self-efficacy.

It is particularly useful for children who have neurodiversity, either diagnosed or undiagnosed, who might find the typical reward/punishment cycle exhausting and unachievable.

We teach the approach to adults supporting these children in schools and at home.

Transform Care with The Empowerment ApproachTM:

The Carers as Coaches Programme

Cascade is a training package for foster carers and prospective adopters, developed by a group of experienced educationalists and psychologists, which provides a new and innovative approach to working with young people to explore issues, find solutions and impact sustainable change.

Inside Out is a training package for school staff developed collaboratively by educators and psychologists, which provides a new and innovative approach to working with young people to explore issues, find solutions and impact sustainable, long-term change.

Institue of Leadership and Management

Blooming Genius interventions can be accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Blooming Genius – our services for under 18s and their supporters

We welcome the addition to our team this year of Kit Messenger, former Head of a large Primary School and passionate campaigner for inclusion.  Under Kit’s stewardship our Blooming Genius offer incorporates:

  • Cascade:  coaching skills training, a course for Foster Carers in managing children who have complex cognitive needs.
  • Inside out: a whole school approach to managing the cognitive causes of behavioural difficulties, this applies to children with and without an EHCP, using Kit’s tried and tested ‘Empowerment Approach’.  Download our leaflet here

We are aware that many neurodiverse children operate under the radar of formal SEND services, either because they are camouflaging or because provision in their area is not available.  We want to offer alternative support that is positive, affordable and orientated towards practical guidance rather than assigning labels.  We want to empower children, their carers and their schools to learn at their best and feel safe.

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