Genius Within Unemployment Initiatives

We offer group coaching courses that are fun and help people make best use of their strengths.

We can offer 1:1 coaching, to unpick problems and generate strategies for success.

We can offer a range of Assessments from initial screening to full diagnosis. Our Assessments are easily understandable and will suggest next steps to take.

Institute of Leadership and Management Qualifications

Genius Within’s interventions can be accredited by the Institute of leadership and Management (ILM) so that you have evidence of your learning to show employers.

Employable Genius is a special service in Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire for unemployed people looking for work.

Inclusion 2.0 is our support service for employers.

Our unemployed clients come from communities marginalized by race, poverty, disability and more. Working with us, you are truly breaking the boundaries of intersectional diversity recruitment, moving on from token, virtue signalling projects like autism at work and ‘doing the work’

We help in several ways:

  1. We work with your hiring managers to review jobs and job designs that are suitable.
  2. We create recruitment tasks that focus on the required performance, rather than social norms like interviewing which may not be as important.
  3. We work with you to have the right policies and adjustments in place before employment.
  4. We continue to provide coaching and mentoring for placements – both supervisor and employee

We are able to provide this as part of the UK Government’s ‘Kick Start’ program.

Please get in touch with us on to learn more.

Kickstart Scheme Logo

We currently deliver support for individuals as shown on the BBC’s program, Employable Me on a number of national employability contracts, in partnership with Shaw Trust.

Research has shown that neurominorities are more likely to be long-term unemployed and convicted of crimes than their neurotypical peers, despite there being no difference in offending behaviour or overall ability to work.

We work with hundreds of individuals on public sector programs to develop confidence. We see talent and translate this into viable career paths.

We work with businesses who want to recruit intersectionally diverse, interesting and passionate staff. We support businesses to be “employee ready” and able to adapt to employees who don’t fit the mould, without compromising performance. We provide ongoing support and coaching for individuals we place and their managers, for free, to ensure that the placement lasts. We have a 95% job retention rate.

We avoid token projects like autistic tech teams because we believe these reinforce stereotypes and lead to prejudice, cul-de-sac jobs and exclusion for those who were not well resourced enough for a diagnosis or have an alternative diagnosis.

Contact to find out how we can help improve your employability programme or help you recruit talent from communities who are out of your current reach.

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