A workplace needs assessment makes recommendations for reasonable adjustments to the workplace. This assists employers to accommodate conditions which are commonly associated with cognitive impairment such as: Dyslexia, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Condition, depression, Anxiety or Chronic Fatigue.

In a Workplace needs assessment we look at how individual ability, work targets, environment and tools used are effecting the employee’s ability to carry out their role in to a satisfactory standard. We consider what tools, technology, changes and coaching support might the employee and what is a reasonable adjustment.

One of Genius Within’s team of psychologists or experienced workplace coaches will conduct the workplace needs assessment.

We need to meet both the individual and either their line manager or HR representative. This is to get a view of the difficulties being experienced AND the performance targets expected, when compared to peers. We need to find out about the history of the job – were there always issues or has a change in IT / manager / job role tipped the balance? We also look at the work space, the IT and tools used and the ways people communicate.

Meeting both employer and employee can be very useful, giving a basic awareness of how a condition is affecting work performance, both positively and negatively.

Our assessors feed back to both the manager and the individual, during the session. Giving a brief overview of what they are noticing so far and what can be done. We love making sure there are a few workable ideas to put into practise straight away, so that the experience is immediately beneficial.

We then deliver a report within 10 working days. We are available afterwards for a more thorough debrief if anything we have said is unclear.

There will be some recommendations that can be put into place independently. There may also be a list of services, for example specialist software and a coaching programme, that then need to purchased. If an employer or employee, decides that the recommendations are not ‘reasonable’ as suggested in the Equality Act 2010, it is best to discuss this with the assessor as we may be able to help recommend a compromise.


Workplace Needs Assessments cost £575

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